##What is the background of the Salava project?

Salava is the open source community edition of Open Badge Passport, a platform developed by Discendum Inc, as a part of the Open Badge Factory project. The first version of Open Badge Passport was developed on the Drupal platform. It was a proof of concept which has quickly become a popular service used by thousand of badge earners. In 2015, Discendum, ADPIOS and Omnia partnered on a proposal to the Digital Media and Learning Trust Challenge for further development of Open Badge Passport. As a winner of the 2015 DML competition, the Open Badge Passport project received one year of funding (May 2015 – May 2016) to migrate from Drupal to a flexible suite of modern technologies built around the Clojure programming language and to release this to the global community as an open source project. Salava was released on Github as the community edition of Open Badge Passport in January 2016.

##What are the future plans for the Salava project?

The DML project was a good start, but one year is a short time to grow an effective developer community and to develop a platform that can respond to the evolving needs of a fast growing and diverse Open Badge Passport community. Salava has been established as an independent open source project to achieve the goals of the DML project and to answer to the needs of the Open Badge Passport community. Its mission is to build a sustainable, inclusive future for this innovative solution.

##How is the Salava project governed?

Salava is an open source project coordinated by Discendum. Coordination doesn’t mean dictatorship!

The role of Discendum is to facilitate and support the work of the community. Its responsibility is to ensure that the core roadmap aligns with the goals of the DML award and with the needs of the Open Badge Passport users.

As in other open source projects, community members are free to develop third party plugins to meet their own specific needs if their proposed contributions are not identified as priorities in the roadmap.

##How can I participate in the Salava project?

Discendum welcomes your participation in the Salava project, in whatever role that is most appropriate for you at any time:

  • As a participating developer:

    • Joining in online discussions helping to define coding goals

    • Contributing core code and plugins to GitHub

    • Testing code

  • As an engaged user:

    • Making suggestions and providing feedback regarding new features

    • Testing new features as a user

    • Helping others in the Salava community forums