In this section you can find helpful instructions about the tools used for managing Salava project.

##Open Badge Passport## To see the starting point of Salava check out our proof of concept implementation at Open Badge Passport is a platform and service run on Drupal. You can try it out by getting a free account.

##Forum## Join us to discuss anything related to the project on the Forums. Please register your email address so you are able to post or comment and get email notifications when your topic has been answered. Please do not post feature requests or bug reports on the Forums, we have the Issue tracker for that.

##Issue tracker## Our issue tracker can be found at Issues. Before you create a new issue, please check whether it already exists. You can comment on existing issues by cliking “Comment issue” in the right up corner.

When creating a new issue:

  1. Select the type of the issue (report a bug, ask for a feature or request support).
  2. Enter a one sentence summary of the issue as the subject
  3. And add a detailed description. You can attach log files or screenshots with the file browser.

If you are logged in while creating an issue you will get automatic notifications whenever the issue has been commented or changed. You can control this setting at your account.


The github address of the project is discendum/salava. Please read the Readme for help and instructions.