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02:36 PM Salava Bug #436: Twitter-account in contact info does not display as a link
Twitter-account is displayed as a link when user inputs the account in [AT]accountname format. It's not displayed as ...


02:20 PM Salava Bug #440 (Closed): Canceling your account does not work
I opened Account Settings, and clicked the Cancel account -button. After filling my password (which i triple-checked ...
02:03 PM Salava Feature #439 (New): Cannot change password and user details at the same time
If you fill out your current password and new password fields, and change your firstname, lastname and/or country fie...
01:53 PM Salava Feature #438 (New): Changing password does not provide helpful messages about password requirements
There are no tooltips or messages displayed if new passwords do not match, or if they do not contain enough character...
01:48 PM Salava Feature #437 (Closed): Changing password with the wrong password in "current password" field does...
User is not informed of bad current password in any way, which is a bit bad for user experience. Using the correct pa...
01:39 PM Salava Bug #436 (Feedback): Twitter-account in contact info does not display as a link
When you've added a Twitter-account contact info field to your profile, it does not point to
01:32 PM Salava Bug #435 (Closed): PDF-format files are uploadable as profile images.
Uploading pdf-files as new profile-images should probably show that pdf is not an allowed filetype.
01:03 PM Salava Bug #434 (Closed): Imported badge does not appear in My Badges
Using Import badges from Mozilla Backpack, I selected a Badge to Import.
I got a message saying "Badges saved", but...
12:53 PM Salava Bug #433 (New): Visibility setting on badge settings page does not work all the time

Go to -> Badges -> My Badges
- Badge "Settings" opens its own window
"Badge Visibility", change to "P...

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